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We deserve a voice in this town!

My name is Stanford Dale Woodson and I'm running for Charlottesville City Council...  My goal is to find the common grounds that we all have and build on them. I want to represent and respect the views of every different group and build understanding instead of divisiveness. 


Running as an Independent

The petitions to run as an independent are starting to be signed.  If you are a Charlottesville voter and would be willing to sign a petition for me to run for City Council, just let me know where I can meet you. (*A signature doesn't mean you support or will vote for me, but simply that I be allowed to appear on the ballot as an option.)


This is our town

Charlottesville belongs to all of us equally: hippies, financial consultants, farmers, un/underemployed, students, rich, poor, latino, white, black. Every voice should be represented in our community!


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