Help get the word out!

The MOST important thing you can do to help this grassroots campaign is to tell your family and friends. Any conversation or like/share/re-tweet is what is going to make this campaign succeed! 

I also hope to have some bumper stickers, pins, signs, etc made in the near future.  Sadly, getting these things made cost money, which becomes an issue as I don't have very much.

If you are in the mood and would like to donate a dollar or two to help with the cost of printing off stickers, signs, ads, etc. it would be hugely appreciated.

(Donations can only be made by legal US citizens/corporations that are legally allowed to donate to political campaigns.  Donations will be processed, tracked, and fully accounted for by the "Dale Woodson for Charlottesville" Campaign Committee.)

However...  If you use crypto-currencies I don't think there's any regulations for those in the Commonwealth of Virginia

(hey, it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission ;) )

aeon: WmsMFLuXqFVVKR7ww3K6UwLvd1bgr6SBT9hny8UuMWTffKXfAZP4WCwSas7bNyMKd53YQbhx8NtptZ3MX5356XvZ1XvvjoRiM

doge: DLGtB5ps19152kZAmBCNT1VsKoLC96Pw4o

btc:  328H8vZjvNADoyuRntzrCUdBZooj2y122j

btg:  ASjm69eB6BhtjZ6GZRbRBk5NTBmaU3VVJC

zec:  t1SjEFGBaJbRZzrtt4tF4FtzvbD1H6x5D8b

bch:  38Dw7tiDcTFDnPFSEMLLCKGaDWNRx9rxyN

bcn:  24bV1BAxPhDg2nusxzGdhwUx7bwPYpgeFhZWWYcbPuWVZGV11KQosT3fNCezqRpKfLJf5dmANoy6uA2bGtZ3uT5fJKcRHfS

dash: XbqEg6KC2owDB1zKZ49xcF8pB9bUrCKXhE

dsh:  D9Q5dMK1j8RaqsspNUtbpQGYzs7EZZxVLGiTVGGLApPvVBUjt3JMycQV3t9ZzAVrKd1mzeWaYMgFTiUHmsmiDcNt2pfE2PE

eth: 0x7152db3b78dc5e2fbb0a7243a190b6ee83d556b8

fcn:  6nJq9y9MoA84MsFG9a4uh6UR4JDvZsB4bi13ZmrJqDBi2hWqRVBQQ3MbyftABRVPdXbYRyBKfHd72H3XvUTr8Ht2JtjGNgT

ltc:  MEEXAizk25zs9ZNZ5WHuHLUfynNNtCcfxT

xdn:  dddF3CXJ93zUPiYFFQdbhkYvsBVMigvKEVd5HhbhxaGyj4216tnUraKQRrdbUBaLyQ9h4wtvggAcY3Way3t4cGoX1AU9DVSsL

xmo:  44XAXY63ZJUjRhJvY2udFHGXVTJUvuqH39f3Bgyc1jqsUQiSPdJi7xniq4MdEF7jDdCkx9Vkk7gkyGaJs3DiS8TjJUnCUuq

xmr:  438B8CZptLx79oYTkeyxxnD95edQhs6w9AEjdC6gNngZ71BgryEwT8eK5LcXDzZrGYcZj5Zrcmb3JHgXJiKoNPv2Le7cCxN